Creating rotating cards. Worth it?

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I have a couple of reasonably budget decks in Elemental Mage and Midrange hunter, both of which somewhat struggle in late game due to these decks needing Frost Lich Jaina and Deathstalker Rexx.

But with these and other Hero Cards rotating out in April, I'm a little reserved about crafting cards I'll only get a few mjnths use out of.

With Mage I have Jan'lai and Mountain Giant to add late game value and with hunter I rely on closing games out fast. Although u could craft Zuljin and switch to spell hunter easily.

I expect a HUGE impact when the standard rotation happens and I'm leaning towards just waiting it out. Is 3200 dust worth spending this close to rotation?

Also what are your predictions for the new rotation. What impact do you expect it to have? Which decks do you predict will benefit most / suffer most?
Would you ever consider playing Wild?
If not, then I would hesitate to craft anything that rotates in the next expansion, unless you have so much dust that you can afford to.

Predictions for the new rotation? No idea, let's first see what new cards and mechanics will be introduced with the next expansion.
Deathstalker Rexxar is currently the most fun card in the game for me. If you ever want to try out Wild Casual, he's IMO at the top of the Must Craft list for the variety he brings to the game in that format. The only Hunter deck he doesn't fit right into is Odd Hunter (for obvious reasons).

If you absolutely know you are never going to touch Wild, it's far more sketchy to think about any of the Year of the Mammoth cards.

As far as thoughts for the rotation. Standard just isn't a fun format for me, the options are too limited. And Wild doesn't care about those silly rotations, the only thing that matters is what new cards are getting added to the game.
I haven't ruled out playing wild at some point. As a new player.. I don't have nearly anywhere near enough of a collection to compete in wild though and I have no interest in buying past packs,but will invest in new expansions.

But I really want to craft deastalker Rexxar as not having him is the main reason I lose games that aren't closed out quickly. Just 1600 dust is.. You know.. Not cheap for a new player.

I have 5500 dust and and 4k dust in golden legendaries (fire hearts plume and lady in white) and a couple of golden epics
Dusting a golden Lady and crafting Rexxar seems like a fairly safe bet, even if you never want to touch Wild and only want to use him for the next 3 or so months. Or just using some of your saved up dust.

Also, Wild is probably not nearly as expensive as you may believe. Especially if you go with a Hunter deck that includes Deathstalker Rexxar. It's not without any kind of investment, but you can get away with a mostly Standard deck for the most part.

And as your collection slowly grows and time passes, some of the cards you have (or get) are likely to be/become Wild staples.
DK Rexxar is amazing. Didn't realise my good fortune having him drop from the Prologue.

I have no intention of playing Wild, but I don't think I could ever dust him. If you can afford to make the card you will get about 3 months of great fun. A tough call though.
I think there is plenty of time left where you can craft and enjoy Rexxar to make it worth the dust if you like playing hunter. It's a fun card.
It depends on your goals, if you dont have dust to spare, dont do it, it will set you back too far. But if you want to just enjoy now and later in wild, sure.

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