Baku the Mooneater broken for this Brawl

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I just played 2 games with Baku in my deck and neither time did it do what it was supposed to.

I realize that while yes, the decks get switched...BUT Baku's effect reads "Start of Game"...not "After the decks are switched".
As I have been told in a reply to a post I made last August some time: "The start of the Game phase is after the Mulligan phase, before drawing of the first card."

Now while I know Brawl episodes(?) don't last too long maybe a week or so, (and no real incentive lately of only getting a normal pack as a prize, regardless of however much frustration gone through just to get that single win). Please either address the issue of conflicting game phases vs. wording of card effects, or clarify in what exact order do the game phases run.
You get 10 random Spells added to your deck. Chances are very high at least 1 of them is even

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