Nerf secret hunter

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it's unbelivable, 5 mana summon a 12/12
the spellstone should cost 7 or 8 at this point
and only 1 secret to upgrade, which costs 2 mana. The other spellstone like rogue or mage need 2 or 3 cards to upgrade it and their value is not as close as summoning a 12/12 for 5 mana

Secrets hunter is so frustrating to play against, you can't attack or you trigger everything that counters you
explosive wipe your board of little minions if you fill it
freezing rekts a big guy if you summoned it

Not to mention that mranwhile you're taking 2 dmg each turn and a 3 mana 4 attack charge.
If you want to build up anything on the board (which won't be able to attack cause secrets)
They just flanking strike/baited arrow it. Which of course not only kills your stuff but summon even more stuff for the hunter.

And the cherry on the cake, 10 mana, replay every secrets you played and summon every wolves, animal companions and to my sides minions. Lel.
I hate when peps clamor for nerfs on stuff not really needed rather than asking for a interrupt phase. Half the nerfs they make wouldn't be needed if they had followed a better MTG example from the get go.. instead its agro or bust and anything fun gets nerfed or down right gutted. Yogg, Quest rogue, ..... list goes on hell they nerfed ramp.. seriously? due to complaints rather than fix the root cause. Thanks for adding your voice to the list of those that only seem to be able to play net deck agro...probably why you see almost no one ever with reno and most with hunter.. but GL with that.
nerf fuking secret hunter... its unstopple deck. dont you see its win rate...... had enough....................................................
It really doesnt make sense to nerf anything at all. Nerfing a deck might fix things for a while but in a few weeks there will be a new deck and everyone will start to complain about it. It is an infinite loop that is getting annoying and I am sick of dusting my cards every few months. People keep thinking that things will be better but they wont. Druid got nerfed and everyone was happy. Guess what happened then. Hunter became OP
they wont nerf it because they know half of cards will go in wild in spring and blizzard think nobody plays wild so they wont nerf it anyway xD
Spellstone costs 6 in a few days. With deathstalker rexxar rotating out soon, you might see more beast hunter and less secret hunter if you aren't already.
No self respecting hearthstone player plays secret hunter. It’s literally a deck for skilless loser who want to feel accomplished without any actual skill.

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