Man, I miss Jade Idol.

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You know times are bad when people remember Jade Idol fondly. What's next? Good ol' days of the Undertaker Hunter?

I dread the day we will remember UI with the same "fondness"
"You think you do, but you don't."
The most exciting for me was Reno decks vs Pirate Warrior.
One was a value control deck (something extinct right now) while the other was an OP aggro deck. Both had 50% chance to win.

Can the Reno deck survice the onslaught before turn 6? Will he draw Reno before he's dead?
Can the Pirate Warrior smash that face hard enough to kill him before turn 6?
The matchup was EXCITING, unlike anything we have now.

The better player with the better draw won the game unlike the polarization bull!@#$ we face now.
12/27/2018 09:03 PMPosted by DMX
I have awoken from my slumber because I heard somebody was saying something positive about Jade Idol. I violently disagree with that sentiment. To this day, I run a Skulking Geist in basically every deck of mine in Wild, just to ensure that terrible mechanic never finds a foothold again.

Lol , it's not even strong anymore. I played it a bit in wild when I was bored and if you dont have the perfect opener u just get outcombo'ed by other druids or Priests or Warlocks or anything wild constructed really.

Note that those perfect openers got slaughtered with the last patch.
So you just loose winwrate vs any other deck because u wanna counter Jade Druid dead's body. You do you I guess.
12/27/2018 06:47 PMPosted by SuperAides
All they had to do is cap jades, but blizz has no idea how to do anything.
a jade cap at 5 would be fine. But since the druids nerfs idk.

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