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Greetings everyone!

Recently we put out a tweet asking folks what decks they enjoy playing in Wild and I wanted to extend the question here as well.

Is there a specific deck that is your "go to" deck or perhaps a build that no matter win or lose, you always have a great time with it? Please share it with us! Post below your favorite interactions, decklists or ideas for what Wild decks you enjoy the most.

No question, RenoLock is it for me! Warlock master class \M/
Burgle Rogue, Big Rogue and any deck that mills your apponent.
when playing seriously odd/tempo mage

when playing for fun probably a version of token/zoo priest, usually with a highlander twist
Shadowstep + Coldlight Oracle Rogue.
Just kidding!

I'd say my Drakkari + Emperor on 6-cards with prior-turn setup non-meta opponent's-board-dependent OTK deck-idea i've played since Rumble gave it 1 new addition. The key is to make it not the most optimal combo and to use harder-cards to have style pts.

If you think of (instead of look-up) a cool combo, think to yourself "is there a harder way to do this? possibly using different or more-cards?" If so, then that's one-way to non-meta. See everyone thinks of the first-way, so you have to go down to the 2nd or 3rd idea that comes to your mind. This is called deckbuilding, and it doesn't happen for most the playerbase because it's too easy to get VS HSreplay decks and their mullistrats online.
Burgle Rogue 100% for me. So mediocre but so fun.
Discard Warlock, Bomb Hunter, and Jade Deathrattle Rogue.
I can't decide my favorite deck, but pretty sure my most hated deck is Big Priest. And i'm not alone. Do something about it.
Reno Shadowcaster Rogue
Reno Mage for sure

Can we please do something about Barnes?
Leave the whole revive mechanics and the cards that facilitate it. It’s been an archetype you guys have been pushing forever but just please do something about Barnes
High rolling games is by far the worst player experience and Barnes is the worst offender of exactly that
01/15/2019 04:28 PMPosted by BroadPup
Reno Shadowcaster Rogue

Ayyy, another fan. I play a Reno Machine C’Thun Rogue in Wild and it’s easily my favorite deck to queue up with.
Thank you for posting this thread, and to everyone for their posts! I look forward to seeing more people share. :}

This is just off the top of my head currently; I'll just try to list one recent deck for each class, as I am certain I'd end up missing multiple current decks no matter what I put down.

Off-Meta Decks

Jade Rogue
--- I genuinely cannot comprehend how this deck has not even been considered meta, never mind one of the better options, in Wild. It certainly has been more than good enough to enter the metagame for a while, in my humble opinion. The key here is the long game: control the board and push your ever-building value, with the option to very easily go infinite with such cards as Valeera the Hollow, Shadowcaster, and recently Lab Recruiter. The primary weakness is the lack of card draw; trying to compensate for it has not felt right to me, though. Very fun and rewarding deck!

Handbuff Paladin
--- The recent change to Saronite Chain Gang might have hurt this deck enough to drop it to non-meta status, but at least before then I felt it was strong enough to be considered off-meta. Extremely enjoyable, and it can be built in many ways! I generally try to maximize value in the spirit of the archetype, so that it is a value deck that often acts as control. When handbuffs work, they are degenerate indeed. Great fun! :}

Reno Warlock *
--* This is listed as off-meta because it is a budget deck (although my budget for this particular deck has grown a lot since the first iteration), but even the loss of some of the most powerful cards (e.g., Kazakus) doesn't allow this deck to fall too much, due to how good Warlock's control tools are and how powerful Reno Jackson is in the class.
--- Budget notwithstanding, it's a control deck with many possible and evolving options, just like the full meta variant. Again, fun and rewarding!

Non-Meta Decks

* Reno Hunter
--- I will never accept that this is not a real deck. :P This has consistently been an immensely fun archetype! Deathstalker Rexxar, probably my top pick for the most entertaining card in the game, rounds this out perfectly in both enjoyment and power. Extremely fun, and often even rewarding when played well with the culmination of the control tools Hunter has somewhat sporadically received.

* Elemental Jade Shaman
--- This is not a deck that remotely approaches meta, as is unfortunately true of the midrange archetype in general, but this is a fairly top-heavy midrange deck that maximizes these synergies, with fewer spells than is usual for that reason. Shudderwock is fun little icing on the cake, which can range from single-handedly winning the game to assuring a loss from an almost-certain victory depending on the match and RNG. It is essentially like taking the best parts of Jade Golems and Elementals, with respect to pleasant and intelligent plays, and putting them in one deck. :}

* Choose Both Druid
--- A deck that revolves around Fandral Staghelm, hoping to retain him on board and/or copy him for powerful turns with Choose One cards. This is a unique deck in that it has to stall until combinations become possible and then play for tempo, because the opponent will probably out-value you by then if they have not already won, although I will be sure to mention that playing for value is a possibility. As with the Druid class in general, the neutered ramp destroyed any semblance of competitive viability the deck might have had, but it remains fairly fun! This is probably the most unique of my decks in this particular list.

* Quest Priest *
--* This is listed as non-meta for two reasons: (1) I lack many of the powerful key or supporting cards that make Quest Priest viable, and as such do not include them; and (2) the deck runs Majordomo Executus and other potentially subpar Deathrattles.
--- Majordomo Executus is present to be coupled with Amara, Warden of Hope for fun times. Quite fun, and a nice -- if fairly simple -- control deck, with multiple paths to victory. :}

* Control Warrior *
--* This is listed as non-meta primarily because it is on a significant budget, considering the (formerly) meta variants were often referred to as Wallet Warrior, and also because the deck has been virtually nonexistent since the Fiery War Axe nerf save for a few brief windows.
--- I doubt anyone needs an explanation or refresher: this is the quintessential grinder control deck!

* Mech Mage
--- This is not a deck I commonly play, but one that is uniquely rewarding for an aggro/tempo deck in Wild, albeit not nearly as good as the meta Mech Hunter (which in turn is usually not as consistent nor as explosive as Even Shaman and Odd Rogue, respectively). I can enjoy this when I play it, especially since substitutions are feasible. Additionally, using Zilliax in a faster deck is a nice change of pace. ("Unity. Precision. Perfection.")
Dragon Warrior. Been trying to make it work since Blackrock, and never quite gave it up. Gotta say, Rastakhan was quite a boost to the archetype :P
Dmh iron jugernaut warior started climbing from 18 to 16 last 2,3 days didnt play wild in months so gona try to make it at least to 10 with dis deck
DR hunter is the only one I can play in wild right now; I wish to build discardlock and either mech mage or even shaman, the one that is less expensive
When playing seriously, my homebrewed Reno Quest Priest. When playing for casual fun, my deck built just so I could name it "Eggs Benedict" because puns.
Something with handbuff. - Hunter, Paladin, Warrior. It's for me the most fun mechanic that exists and was updated with Val'anyr, Emeriss, Arena Fanatic and Farraki Battleaxe.
Atm my two Warriordecks (Rush and Dragon), my Paladin Deck (somewhat with Doppelgangster, Burnbristle and one of two of my Hunterdecks (Deathrattlebeasts) are with handbuffcards.
Game today: Brann+ Don Han'cho= +10/+10 on Shirvalla <3

I still need to test the Warlock-handbuff-type. Maybe with a deathrattle touch.
Currently an Odd Control Mage, which I am having a blast with, aswell as Renolock.
Evens Shaman for laddering, Secret 9 Mage for casual.

I like Evens Shaman’s way of fighting for board, Flametongue positioning is amusing, and Hex is still the best hard removal in the game. Lots of close matches, especially against other aggressive decks.

However, little comes close to Secrets. The right timing on a Counterspell against a Flamestrike, an Effigy turning a Crystal Runner into something funky, a Spellbender nabbing Cold Blood, or Potion of Polymorph turning a Void Lord into a sheep when they think it’s Explosive Runes just makes my day.

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