Stuck at loading screen.

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Hello guys,

I saw couple of posts about Stuck at loading screen issue. Its happening to me too, and i cant solve it. Game is not frozen, lights behind doors are glowing, just stuck. I will appreciate. Thank you.
i'm facing the same problem. Doors closed with lights glowing behind it, The HEARTHSTONE logo doesn't appear and it just stuck. please help me, thanks!
Hello guys, I too am having the same problem. I play hearthstone on my phone and it works fine. But for some reason when I try to play it on my laptop it gets stuck on the loading screen with the doors closed and the light of the logo just glowing. Does anyone know the cause of this? and are there any solutions? would really appreciate it. Thanks!
so many people having this problem but there is no solution to this ?
Posting a DxDiag and/or error log may shed some light on what you guys are invidividually experiencing.
Here, link for my DxDiag.
01/15/2019 06:56 AMPosted by Johanzen
Here, link for my DxDiag.

The only thing that really stands out is your available RAM. Might be a little low, but only if you're running other apps alongside HS.

Other than that, your graphics driver is about three months out-of-date.

Maybe update DirectX to the latest version (12).
I updated my drivers and installed Dx12, and Im still stuck.

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