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It would be better if you provided some at least basic collection of those sets for new players to use in this brawl, I'm unaffected since I own most of those sets but its not in the gaming spirit to kick new players out of the event... Keep in mind blizz

Yeah the idea is to find the OP and buy cards.

Paladins can have game on turn 1 with mechs.

Coin Mechwarper = game. No I magnetize my 0 costs. Got god mechs on turn 2. Drop AnnoyOTron automatic turn 4. Automatic Robomech turn 4.

Once again making a game of no skill, no thinking required. Just go get your cards my whatever means and drop em for the win.


Free easy 100 gold awaits every day for you if you have the better cards. But for most people they already have the cards them just mop up season after season.

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