Anyone tried Peanut Shaman?

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This deck was brought by Viper to HTC, seems like the best shaman deck at the moment. It also a control deck so that's a plus.

Try that people, let's all together playing fair decks and stop spamming ladders with mindless OTK. Our action might save Hearthstone.
Probably not the best ladder deck, even has it beat class wise. It is a very fun deck to play though, but win rate wise would probably be t3
So that's where it came from.

Beaten it a couple of times with my own non-Shudderwock/Kel by way of chain-UEing something on turn 5/6 then playing Hagatha on turn 6/7. Doesn't seem to have sufficient removal once I get beyond 3 or 4 minions with 6 hp each and has no MCT. Decent enough but has big flaws.

Shaman has a number of useful 2 mana card options allowing the rolling of many extra cards/buffs plus Flametongue so I don't think Keleseth is necessarily a great card for the class at present. Sure, before the nerf I managed to get out a 23/23 Saronite but that can't happen any more.
Mad kudos to him. But really? Wow. That deck is in a whole new level. It seems to be a grinder deck, moreso than the usual one. I agree with the above guy. It might not be a good deck for ladder. In tournament, you can ban bad match ups, and you only need to win once with certain deck. I just don't see it holding any ground in ladder. Unless of course,
Against aggro decks, things become much easier, as your enemy will run out of cards before you will. Against aggro, Viper would agree that the most defensive play with a deck like Peanut Shaman is often the best play on nearly every turn.
as said in the article, aggro is running rampart in ladder.

But man...that deck. I'm really curious what Viper was aiming to counter it with. What do most players bring in tournaments? Odd paladin or something?
I've been playing a varient of it, it's really fun, so many interactions doing cool stuff. It does really struggle vs Combo but I've not been seeing much. I've had a lot of epically long battles vs Hunter.
It gets destroyed by combos and it still doesn't reliably out-greed things like DK Rexxar, Frost Lich Jaina, or Quest Priest.

Peanut Shaman was a dark horse deck to catch tournament players off guard, but it's not really anything special in the ruthless environment of constructed ladder.

Remember that the Tournament meta is a completely different beast with factors like class bans, a higher emphasis on tech choices, and pre-posted decklists playing a role in deckbuilding.
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I love netdecks. They are fun and they allow me to show my creativity by choosing from a list of decks created by someone else.
So I copied it (and felt dirty, I always use my own decks generally) and I found that it is at least good for doing the battlecry minion mission in one shot but I got killed after a very long game vs an AE Rogue :/
Played it a bit. It's fun, but not good for laddering.

The whole point is to grind your opponent out of the game, but it boasts no real win condition, so it will lose to decks with actual game closers such as Mecha'thun, Exodia, etc.

It fills the same niche as non-Quest Warriors, as a deck set to dominate aggro/midrange, the main advantage it has over other control decks is Hex, compounded by Zentimo for triple Hex, Krag'wa for more Hexes, and Haunting Visions to discover, you guessed right, more Hexes.
On top of 2 x Earthshock, it just makes the deck significantly better than most other control decks at handling Deathrattle, Cubes and Resurrection effects.
That and Hagatha being generally a better Hero Card than, say, Dr. Boom, especially in an aggro or midrange matchup.

So, yeah, good in tournaments where you can target matchups, but on ladder, you'll get eaten alive.
Out grinding doesnt work in a meta of combo and aggro to beat combo

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