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. I'm starting to notice a big Trend here. Certain cards will always show up in the bottom part of your deck. I play combo decks because token Rush decks are Mindless numbing and boring.

For a perfect example I'm playing a combo priest deck and the last 5 games I have played Prophet velen was in the bottom three cards each time that is not random.

I used to play Shutter walk shaman and I swear shutter walk was always in the bottom five that deck. I've even tried playing A variation of odd Mage with a rag backbone and I swear that card is also always the bottom five of my deck.

There is no Randomness I am accusing blizzard of coding cards to show up at a certain time Hunters always get candle shot turn one Paladin's always get the 1-1 taunt with Divine shield on Turn 1. I am accusing blizzard of fixing the game for certain cards and it's getting more and more obvious.

If you think I'm wrong play a deck any deck you will start to notice that a specific card will show up by a certain draw.

This is why, this is the sole reason why token Zoo Rush decks are so strong they don't care what card they draw whatever they draw will be good for what they have on board they are slanting the game for token rush and Zoo decks it's become obvious

You're not the first and you won't be the last.

People have done lengthy statistical analyses (feel free to look them up for yourself in case you're interested in a read) and came to the conclusion that there is no rigging (both in the sense of matching you against specific classes as well as card draw). If you want to contest this, you are welcome to organize your own investigation and report your findings.

More likely than not, you are growing tired of the game and are beginning to notice the negative games more than the good ones. That, or you're having a streak of bad luck. Either way it might just be best for you to take a break, seeing as you're not in the best state of mind right now.
No I'm beginning to notice a pattern I always get certain cards by a certain time my opponent always gets a certain card by a certain time yes there is not 100% on everything. It's not random
Confirmation bias certainly will make it look like the game is rigged, but I'd like to see you keep track of your next, say, 100 games to give a slightly better and more accurate statistical model to examine your theory.

As much as it sucks to alway seemingly have the worst outcomes, it IS random. My personal view is that there are just lucky and unlucky people in the world. It's not fair, but complaining about the unfairness of life and blaming it on things being rigged is irrational and unhelpful. You just have to learn to deal with misfortune and overcome it.

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