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Trying to generate media buzz by adding a token LGBTQ to Overwatch.

First you fire Ben Brode and replace him with "Black Brode" in Boomsday Trailers to appease EOE. Tell me he doesn't look like a chocolate Brode clone....

Now you are "bending over" to the LGBTQWTF community.......

Thanks for cutting the @!*#%*#% off a game in the name of PC.
You are posting on the Hearthstone forums. Not sure why we need to discuss Overwatch here.

BTW, there is no way for companies to win. Not including LGBTQ+ characters will result in people being angry because they show a straigt/cis-dominated world and portray that as normal.
Including them earns them the feedback that they do it only for creating buzz or because the bend over to pressure.

If anyone would post a message similar to yours about Afro-American looking characters in Overwatch, they'd be downvoted to death for being racist for implyijng that people of color should not be portrayed in video games. Guess what ... there are more groups of people that exist in real life. Better get used to them being included in video games.
Welcome in the 21st century.
Somebody needs to get out of the suburbs.
*also Ben Brode did not get fired
Maybe they should change his name to soldier 69 Giggidy!?

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