Top 3 cards you hate and why?

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Everyone has cards they hate in hearthstone. I just wanna see what most people dislike in the game. Not asking for nerfs on these cause some of them are probably wild but just wanna see what everyone dislikes. Just list off 3 cards and a small description as to why you hate them. Here are mine for example.

1. Inner Fire - just isn’t fun to play around, having to remove every single minion a priest plays and getting punished by a cheap one turn kill that isn’t even exciting or interesting to watch, like come on. It’s just such an annoying card that honestly just shouldn’t exist but it does sadly.

2. Jade Idol - yeah I know it’s in wild but come on this card just really is annoying. Yeah skulking gheast was made to counter it but since it’s a trash minion and idol is only in wild now it’s just not a fun card at all. To punish control that hard if your not another jade druid like wow.

3. Flappy bird/ vicious fledgling - yeah it’s counter able if you remove it the second it’s played but the second it gets wind fury it’s just game over. There’s a reason it got the nickname flappy bird.
The race card, the #MeToo card, and.. oh
Baku. Limits design space, and makes hero powers overbearing for early board control or damage push.

Barnes / Diamond Spellstone. Both single-handedly boost your win rate immensively in the opening mulligan. Unlike Skull of Man'ari, you can't stop them from going off.

Fire Plume's Heart / Deathstalker Rexxar. Not a fan of infinite value generation.
Not by specific order,

1. Carnivorous Cube
I think the design intention of this card was to be used as, 1x 8/2 LK on the board, Cube it, trade it to summon 2x 8/8 LK, which would've been ok in my book. But in a world where there are ultimate deathrattle cards, cards that can bring them back several times, triggering deathrattles without the minion dying or intentionally killing it because pro still outweight the con, Cube is just too problematic.

2. Brawl
I did mention I'm not a fan of control warr archetype, but just to pintpoint one card, Brawl. In most circumstance where Brawl will be used, it will always be beneficial to the warrior. It's a matter of not-being-lucky-enough or not, a rng. And that leaves a bitter feeling in my case.

3. Eternal Servitude
Frankly, I don't face rez priest or Big priest that often (and I only play Standard so), but its rez mechanic bugs me. I care less about Barnes (I actually think it's a fun design. used to use it in deathrattle hunter, when Savannah Highmane was the biggest thing for hunter, and evolve shaman, before it became token shaman with Doppleganster), and its 1/1 being rez as full minion (that's how HS mechanic works afterall). Spellstone is still 7mana, and it needs time for it to be upgraded. It's Eternal Servitude that feels in the blank, a card that let's you transition to later game and thus to Spellstone and the like.
Jaina / Gul’Dan

Hate them all for obvious reasons.
1. DK Rexxar- cause the board clear + infinite value makes no sense for a 6 mana card.
2. Barnes- cause a turn 3 or 4 barnes into a Y'shaaraj or a big minion is the most OP move in HS history.
3. Brawl- there's no sense for such a powerful AOE to exists alongside 40 armor in odd warrior decks.
Well, I guess the cards I hate change with the meta, but as of right now...(standard)

1.) DK Rexxar - As stated, 6 mana, infinite value. The ability to craft counters to everything your opponent plays. Love playing with him, hate playing against him kind of thing.

2.) Lesser Diamond Spellstone - Always a scary card once the upgraded version hits the board and resurrects Velens, Lyra, Malys, etc. Usually means game over a lot of times.

3.) Baku - Only really hate this card when its coupled with Paladins or Rogues. Especially when I dont draw early board clears.
1. Anything OTK (Mech'thun, Uther, Quest Mage)
2. Anything that ends up as unstoppable force (Jade Idol, old Kingsblade)
3. Anything mana cheating (Revive Priest, Deathrattle Hunter, Hunter Spellstone, Pirate Warrior/Rogue)
baku and genn because of their design and the way they influence the meta; insert random priest card for number 3
01/16/2019 11:11 AMPosted by Warsong
1. Anything OTK (Mech'thun, Uther, Quest Mage)
2. Anything that ends up as unstoppable force (Jade Idol, old Kingsblade)
3. Anything mana cheating (Revive Priest, Deathrattle Hunter, Hunter Spellstone, Pirate Warrior/Rogue)

hmm very interesting ... your post got me thinking. If we do end up removing all that what are we left with?
Surely we dont want just a structured version of Arena right?
Hence maybe we need to allow some versions of the above to some extend.
Can this be the sweet-spot ?
I dislike psychic scream, coldlight oracle, and Baku.

Psychic scream because I feel like its the same if not a better board clear than twisting nether and currently psychic scream is one less mana so it can be coined early and create a huge advantage if the opposing opponent isn't playing card draws.

Cold light because it's broken in the sense that the battlecry doesn't require at least one other murloc on the board in order to activate.

Baku because I feel unless another card is made to counter a hero power upgrade than there is not much a person can do to counter their hero power. Currently I can think of one card that deactivates hero powers? There might be more, I could just be drawing a blank.
1) Coldlight Oracle. I hate that card with a purple passion, especially it's prevalence in Mill decks. I don't like being told that I have to play aggro decks every time I have to play against these decks to beat them.

2) Kingsbane. Oh how I !@#$ing hate this card. It was a step in the right direction by nerfing Leeching Poison, but it's usage in Pirate Rogue makes me realize that either a weapon silencer or a nerf to Kingsbane itself - probably it's mana cost being upped to 3 - is in the future to curb the power of Pirate Rogue somewhat.

3) Uther of the Ebon Blade. This card pisses me off the most, though not because of having to play against it. I play Paladin a lot, and it pisses me off that out of the nine Death Knight cards from Frozen Throne, and with the further hero cards introduced this year (Hagatha, Dr. Boom, Zul'jin), this card is, without equal, the worst Death Knight in the game. It lacks the survivability of Jaina, Rexxar and Mallfurion, it lacks the destructive presence of Anduin and Gul'dan, and it lacks the machine gun antics of Valeera. Thrall has an Evolve theme around it that is propped up by a multitude of cards that prop it up (Doppelgangster, Corridor Creeper, Nerubian Prophet, Evolve, Artificial Evolution) and the fact that it provides 5 armor at 5 mana makes it a perfect card to pair with Hagatha. Hagatha's game-changing ability to have access to the right Shaman spell, Dr. Boom's flexible Hero Power, and Zul'jin's board presence only highlight how bad Uther is.
Uther is so restrictive - playing against this card, you know that this player is using Beardo/Burgle Bully shenanigans or having to rely on Brewmasters and Blackwald Pixies to prop up an unreliable Hero Power. A Hero Power that is unreliable because the tokens summoned with it can be killed by just about anything, opponents can just keep killing the tokens if you leave them out, and the Hero Power might not even summon the exact token you need if you're using Brewmasters. Without equal the most unreliable win condition of the game.
It sucks that Uther has to have the worst Death Knight - Paladin is a class that has access to consistently strong legendaries (Tirion, Eadric the Pure, Ragnaros the Lightlord, Burnbristle, Sunkeeper Tarim, Val'nyr, Lynessa Sunsorrow, Crystalsmith Kangor, Sirvallah the Tiger, High Priest Thekal). What, he couldn't have a reliable mechanic like reducing the Attack of another minion, or a stronger Token ability, or destroying an enemy minion and getting health back equal to it's attack?
It just pisses me off about how Uther was designed.
Can i count all of the DK's as one card. So much incompetent design across the board to start picking out certain ones. Them going away will make the game a billion times better alone when rotation comes.

Cavernous cube - has anyone played any deck that played this that didn't feel broken? Such a stupid idea

Hunter spell stone - I'm not a fan of the spell stones in general, but pretty much every other one seems reasonable in what needs to be done to upgrade and the resulting effect. The hunter one is way to easy to power up, too powerful when it is and with the "let me reward you for vomiting secrets" just encourages secret decks which have never been within a million miles of being fun. (yet the devs keep pushing because competent game design wouldn't fit hearthstone)
1.) Cards that are used to OTK consistently(Mechathun/DK Uther/Malygos maybe)
Every archetype those are played in, plays the game the exact same way: Stall. They do everything in their power to make the game last as long as they need to which is the most boring thing they could do since there is no interaction on the board.

2.) Most DKs
Since almost all of them provide waaaay too much value. It's also crazy how some of these cards have tempo-swings that would make some 2/3-card combos jealous. DKs should be situational (like DK Garrosh) - instead they are so powerful that not including one in almost every deck makes your deck less efficiant.

3.) Every "Repeat all xxx effects (targets chosen randomly"-cards
They limit design space like nothing else. Seriously, this is just blatantly bad game design! From now on every battlecry that shaman can use has to be evaluated by how bad Shudderwock will abuse this card. Same goes for Zuljin and hunter spells.
Divine Favor: it rewards you for brainlessly spitting out your entire hand by turn 3.

Spreading Plague: removes Druid's traditional weakness against wide boards.

Ultimate Infestation: insane value and removes the downsides of using all your 'Mana or Draw' cards exclusively for ramp because traditionally Druid had to choose between ramp or draw, but now he can just ramp freely knowing that UI will replenish the hand.
Jaina / Shudderwock / Togwaggle
EvilMan227- He is evil and he goes die die die
Defile- It rotated out in mean streets og gardetzan but is still being used in standard
Log-It insults stump
MCTech - because playing around it is not always feasible and instalosing to, say, a 20% highroll feels bad.

Psychic Scream - because its existence locks out some interesting board based strategies, for instance Crusher Shaman with a Snowfury Giant + Ancestral Spirit + Spellstone win condition.

Honestly these are the 2 only cards that annoy me in standard.
Rexxar - Infinite value. Cheat in aggro decks. No card should be infinite value, clear the board and be such a low cost.
Divine Favour - Rewards bad play.
Old Kingsbane - Speaks for itself.

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