Tavern brawl isn't random

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I got the same cards 3 times in a row there's A LOT OF wild cards and yet I still get the same cards? This brawl isn't random I got like 20-25 of the same cards
Same here. Don't understand why they claim its random..
IJted this weeks tavern brawl. Won 3 games for a quest and 1 game for a pack.. But the entire experience was tiresome. Completely luck based depending on what cards you got, and most cards i was give heavily favoured my opponent with drawing them cards or reducing their spell costs.

I usually love tavern brawls.. Not this week
The brawl is indeed not random. You get a deck with only cards that do something random. That pool is limited, so the cards you get to play with will come by several times.
Honestly not my type of fun. I believe they also took out spells along the way because the first day I had some steal spells as priest but haven't found those anymore later.

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