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I just wanted to know if anyone has more information on how much time must pass before an account is flagged and eligible for the "Returning player experience" quests and encounters that will pop up, the first time you launch the game again after an extended break.

This is what i'm talking about if anyone is unsure:

According to this page it seems to be more than a minimum of 2 months. Does anyone know if 3 months would be enough? Do we have any data on this? Perhaps user tests, reports or anything?

I have been away from HS for exactly 96 days, so a little more than 3 months, so i'm really hoping this would be enough since I feel like playing a little again now. It would sadden me greatly if it turns out I only needed to wait a few more days for the number to round say 3.5 months for the encounter to activate. On the other hand if you need to have been inactive for 4-5 or even 6 months then naturally I wouldn't wait.

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.
I guess you'll have to try it at some point everytime somebody GETS the special return player quests you'll have to see how long it was, it's likely to be 3,6,9,12 months

Anyone out there that HAS got the special quests if you know how long it was since you played you can work it out eventually I guess.
It isn't worth it, no matter how much time. And this is actually only true for free to play players.

If a free to play player misses even so much as one day they fall behind.
I thought this post was long forgotten but seems like it's back ;P

I did return to the game a few weeks ago and have played a little arena in the meantime. Regarding MetalX's comment: yes of course it's not "worth" it in terms of gold or collection you can accumulate, but that was never my intention. For me this is purely a question of principle if you will. I was generally interested and more wanted to experience that small event thing, not that it really matters. I don't actually care about the minor reward, it's worth nothing to me and even less given that it's classic packs, which i'm sure is true for almost everyone.

Nonetheless I can reveal that the event did not unlock for me. I can at least supply information about my own pause from the game if it helps anyone wondering the same.. I was away for exactly 105 days, 3 month+, and it was NOT enough it seems.

I have a feeling though that the criteria is not a simple "x days passed". It might be tied to content or expansions more likely. Just maybe it's activated if a user has missed an entire expansion. if that is true one would have to be away a minimum of 4 months, if the expansions cycle is every 4 months. So the day before and after new expansion.
My reasonable guess would be that after a maximum of 6 months the quests would activate almost certainly. But if this was wrong for one person then a possible reason could be if the person quit shortly after a new expansion and came in halfway through the next, not really "skipping" either... Which would put a hard maximum of 8 months of absence if your exit of the game was unfortunately timed relative to expansion schedule.
If the quests did not activate even after 8 + months the it reasonable to believe the event has simple been deactivated and removed from the game. (silently perhaps). Or another slim chance of explanation I can think of is if the event is tied to a calendar date specific period of the year and only active during that time.

It should be noted that when I came back after these almost 3 and half months, my screen was absolutely bombarded with messages when I first logged in. New card back reward, chest reward screen, nerfs that had happened, some season screen, card packs gained outside of game, free arena ticket from expired arena run, etc.
So while I don't think it, it is conceivable that my arena run as an example have kept my account "active" in x amount of days specially since it is suddenly abruptly refunded to me. At least it's possible the system might have interpreted this as such, although once again I do not think this to be the case, I still want to note it down to be completely thorough.

These were my thoughts on the matter ;)

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