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So I just finished a run with Priest deck of 69.2 point with final result of 7-3 and decided to go with warrior and by the end of it I drafted this "monstrosity" deck which has A WHOLE 77 points according to heartharena ,but I honestly think it's a mistake.

It doesn't have any strong late game minions, no card generation at all and just one battle rage for card draw ,but it's ranked as the top drafted deck with hearthareana for all time for me? WTF ?
Really think it's not worth that much. - Card overview -Drafting choices first part -Drafting choices second part

Also my winrate is 6.06 with 114 recorded arenas for all time and often the monthly winrate % reflects that as well ,I play around 20-30 arenas a month , started since Boomsday.
This "crazy draft" doesn't happen for the first time with me , In Boomsday expansion I drafted some crazy shaman decks according to heartharena which for me were total crap. And the wins reflected that as well.
Here is also a picture of my other drafted decks sorted by scores :
Also sorted by my winrate :
The ranking system heartharena, and others, use rates cards based on the innate quality of the card (based on gathered statistics) and how well it thinks a card synergizes with your other cards. These 2 factors alone are not always enough to determine if a deck is functional or has a realistic win condition, so occasionally you may end up with a a highly rated deck that is not as good as it seems it should be. Additionally, sometimes the synergy considerations will be somewhat inaccurate.
Card quality wise it's pretty good, but archetype wise this is pretty bad for a control deck. There's no real threats in it, unless you count a furious ettin. It's a control deck but you're probably not going to win many control games. Given that, id say you're going to want to play it more agressive than you normally would a control deck. You'll probably be wanting to push tempo every turn and making trades only if they're too good to pass up.

My arena average is only slightly higher than yours and I suck at warrior so there's a chance I'm wrong about this. Still though, at the end of the day the highest score decks I ever drafted were 77 and 76 and went 4-3 and 1-3 respectively. Deck score doesn't matter as much as varience does I'm afraid.
During the draft, HearthArena gives cards a score based on their "standard" value and adjusted for synergies, curve, and other factors. But the value it gives to the entire deck at the end of the draft is different - that value is based on just the standard value of each of your 30 cards, added up and divided by 30. So the deck score does not in any way reflect how much or little synergies you have, what your curve is, etc.

As a weird experiment, I created a manual draft pretending to be a mage and pretending to be offered 30 Flamestrikes, which I all took. At first HA was very happy for me. But the value of the Flamestrikes soon dropped. Once I was past 20 picks the adjusted score for the Flamestrikes had dropped to six-digit negative numbers. And yet I kept picking them.
After the 30th pick, I looked at the deck score and it was 112. Which is exactly the unadjusted base score for a single Flamestrike.

If you ever manage to get Hearthstone to offer you 30 Flamestrikes in a real Arena draft, and if you are foolish enough to pick them, you can make history on reddit - by being the first ever Arena draft with a HearthArena score above 100 and zero chance to make it beyond 0-3.

Or the shorter version: HearthArena deckscore is not as reliable as some people think.
Card quality alone does not win games. If you draw you deck backwards and just die because you had no plays the first 4-5 Turns it doesn't matter if your deck score was over 9000. If you severely misplay and decide to make the worst possible decisions every turn it also doesn't matter what your deck is. If you deck is too passive for example with a lot of low attack high HP minions its possible it has a high deck score but you just lose to the opponent sticking some snowball cards that you can't remove because you have no trading power to deal with their board or face power to end the game. Deck score is just an estimate of the average power a card in the deck has.
Btw the final result was 8-3 of that run.
I lost to mage ,priest and rogue.
As Shuyin says, as I remember it ,my priest game I lost because I misplayed and against the Rogue he overwhelmed me (he was first).

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