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Every game i play against priest they have this annoying card. Completely swings the game in their favor. There is no counter to this card
01/10/2019 06:14 AMPosted by HexxedFrog
There is no counter to this card
Yes there is.
1. Play your big minions that would be viable targets before your opponent is at 10 mana. By the time they can steal them they should have lost most of theie health already and you can easily remove them.
2. Once at 10 mana, track their hand to get a read onwhether or not they have mind control. If you suspect they do, then bait it out by playing a card that is tempting enough for them to want to steal, but that you know you can counter. Then play your real threat the next turn.
The counter is to Punch the Priest in the Face. They can't spend their entire turn stealing 1 guy if you have enough guys left to punch them to death on your turn.

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