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Hi I had made an account with blizzard some years ago and scince then ive lost all ways of connecting with it i know the email that i used but not the username now after a few years of not having an account i made one last year and would like to link the accounts on my older account all i played was hearthstone and enjoyed it and had put some money into it. But on my newer account i own destiny 2 which ive put some money on along with overwatch and CoD BO4 beta
If they could do it, it won't happen here.

You need to Contact Customer Support via ticket or live chat.
How would i do that?
Every Blizzard webpage has two Support links (one at the top, one on the bottom).

Click one.

Pick Hearthstone.

Pick "Account and In-game"

Pick "Not Listed Here"
Thank you friend
To my knowledge this can't be done. That effectively is transferring your collection from one account to another, which I'm 99% sure they won't do.
Seems to not let me edit...

They can/will help you recover the old account information though if you submit a ticket to support.

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