What's the craziest luck you've had in arena?

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I recently drafted something like a control deck in arena (20 cards costing 4 or less, one brawl, and nine 7,8, and 9 drops). Granted it was a little on the heavy side, but in my very first game I was very surprised to find that I drew 9/10 of my most expensive cards before drawing a single one I could play. The odds of this occurring I estimated were potentially below 1/100,000 (I probably should invest in the power ball). Needless to say, I was immediately curious as to how this anomaly of a game stacked up to the uncommon experiences of other arena players- and just a little bit salty.

Saltiness aside, my question is: what's the craziest, most unlikely thing you can recall seeing or experiencing in arena mode?
With 10 minions in play (7 on opponent's side, 3 on mine) and myself at 3hp against a couple taunts and the opponent at low hp. Don't recall the exact numbers, but I was 1 off lethal. I topdeck Mad Bomber. I need it to hit any enemy taunt or the opponent's face at least once.

It rolled my face 3 times. My opponent even had the nerve to BM me with 'that was a mistake...'

You didn't say it had to be GOOD luck.
The most incredible luck I ever had came when I was at a 49% win rate

The worst luck I ever had came when I was at a 51% win rate


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