Priest needs more resurrect and shadow essence/Barnes mechanics

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Another thread where the entire community wonders if he’s trolling, or just so disconnected he means it...
01/18/2019 01:11 PMPosted by minami
01/17/2019 10:15 PMPosted by Dallaen
Every class is going to be hard pressed for a solid game plan because they all lose the complete broken DK's and all the support cards that have been in standard for WAY to long pushing out most cards from every other expansion created after 2017.

Actually don't.

When no one has a solid gameplan the definition of solid game plan is the same as a almost solid game plan.

Actually that is where the fear really comes because for genn and baku not turn this game into one that is defined by your hero power we need cards that are powerfull enough to consider over their cosistency.

And if the set of next year not does this we will have a really horrendous consequence where baku and genn dominance will go to the next level and make we feel like they did nothing past year compared to it.

In other words what balances genn and baku right now is our mammoth cards because they are powerfull enough to compete against their consistency.

MANY of the cards that make those even and odd decks so powerful are lost in the rotation. You overestimate the power of Genn and Baku.
It needs to go. Players need to move on from this resurrection thing because it's just a braindead mechanic.

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