Ok, so we've all lost some games today. What do you like to lose to?

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01/11/2019 06:10 PMPosted by Emrakul
Crazy idea, to help promote some positivity around here. No, this isn't a joke. You read the title correctly. We're all going to lose some games, or have lost some games. So, since we really can't avoid it.

What do you like to lose to?
Non-meta decks.
Decks that aren't from vsreport / hsreplay / youtube streamers.
OTK's that take-a-lot-of setup and aren't meta.

Decks where you can see your opponent is trying something harder and different than the super-known solved-up decklists that everyone else runs.

I'ts all about "did they try to deckbuild, and not skip it, by playing the solved up lists on the internet".

That's where the harder difficulty comes into play, and new players are just fine playing meta.

HS's copiables are the decklist and mullistrat per que so the people who choose not to do that and try harder and more-fun synergies get my respect.
Don't mind losing to anything that isn't constructed tier 1 deck from 2-3 expansions ago or hunter, but then again these decks define the meta, which makes it impossible to enjoy losing.

I would prefer not losing to a hunter, just because other decks might require SOME IQ and prove guy is not a bot.
Ok, I just had one. I was playing my Rush Midrange Warrior that has a Freeze package via neutral elementals, to soften them up for Akali, Darius, Zilliax, or just keep something pinned down. I've got armor gain, card draw, removal, wipes, a good curve, I am SET.

I queue up, it's a Rogue that I'm facing. Ok, cool! Rogues aren't known for their lifegain, so this should be fun! Well, he scares me by using Necrium blade to create a few copies of Malygos via Kobold illusionist. ... Wow! Ok, he uses 3 razor petals, and even though I have about double my starting life total, he knocks me down to less than 5. I clear the board, and get armor gain going ASAP, ... it works! ... He sets up again, and hides with Valeera the Hollow. ... Ok, stop hiding Rogue... Then, it goes into fatigue, he is drawing himself into fatigue now... He plays Malygos, the ACTUAL Malygos from his hand, I kill it. .... Sheesh, stubborn Rogue.

I've just about got him though... He can't have any more ammunition left. I just about kill him, just give me one more turn and this little turd is a goner. ...

Well, that little turd had two eviscerate. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

x'D Good game though, real nail biter. Yes, he got me at the very end, miracling me into oblivion with two eviscerate.
Would not mind losing to all homebrew decks. Not sure anyone would consider a Reno Mage a homebrew deck but it had 16 probably more legendary. Greediest I have encountered since starting.
Yup anytime I lose to a good off-meta homebrew I'm not mad. Of course you have to reflect upon any misplays, but Im usually shocked and impressed.
Non odd warrior, treant druid, evolve shaman, and miracle decks at rank 3 today. Im not even mad, Well played!
I'm generally cool with losing to decks that need to have board presence to win. It is still sometimes frustrating to not draw what you need to win against them, but you at least know exactly what the problem was, and potential deck changes to improve the match up.

I'm far less ok with losing to things that win by infinite value generation or a near/full OTK entirely from hand.

So... examples of things I'm ok losing to:

Odd Rogue
Zoo Lock
Even/Odd Paladin
Even Lock
Even Shaman
Divine Spirit combo priests (not APM)

Things I'm far more tilted after losing to:

Hunter (DK Rexxar specifically)
Priest (every other variety)
4 Horseman Pally / Shirv combo
Togwaggle/Mechathun Druid
Frost Lich Jaina
Odd Warriors
Cube charge combos

I personally like to be able to respond/preempt a win condition rather than just pray it isn't in hand.
I don't mind losing to decks that are low tier, especially custom built variations. It's fun seeing new decks and cards in play. Can't get mad when I lose to a deck that's tier 3 or off-meta
Lost to ATM priest. Had lethal on board, had no clue that was the deck. Could have thrown a taunt but didn't. Made me a little angry at myself, but gotta respect that clicking ability.
Definetly not Combo Priest, i like losing to (surprisingly) Odd Warlock, i saw that deck 4/5 times, it's new, and fun, because you card draw without taking damage.
I enjoy losses to anything excluding Mecha'thun decks / OTK Paladin / Quest Mage. Anything that reduces your health to 0 with finite resources is really great, I don't even mind losing to hunter tbh even with the hero power, since they can only hit it once per turn.

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