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Why do you even reward dust in arena? If I wanted dust that bad, I’ll disenchant my golden cards, thanks. Cheap pr1cks. Arena rewards sucks now.
Some people, like you, would prefer not to get dust. Other people perhaps like getting dust. Yet other people would rather get gold or dust instead of cards and packs; or maybe there are people who prefer dust and cards over getting gold.
Different people, different preferences,
My guess is that Blizzard set up the random rewards in an effort to please all of the above. Which in the current internet generation obviously has the opposite effect, it DISpleases everyone. Oh well.

01/15/2019 10:40 PMPosted by Warren1994
Arena rewards sucks now
What do you mean: "now". Dust has always been one of the possible rewards from Arena.
Ultimately the only thing you play for (other than enjoyment, I hope) is to get more cards.

And since gold or dust are ultimately turned into cards AND the dust-gold conversion rate is roughly 1:1, who cares?

Unless, you only need gold to play more arena- in which case, get better at arena.

Thus, this is the complaint of somebody that is not that great at arena.

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