Mana wyrm nerf did not kill mage

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01/21/2019 12:21 AMPosted by Morthasa
Just out of curiosity, if you could choose, which would you prefer?
  • Mana Wyrm reverted to 1 mana, but is now a 1/2
  • Mana Wyrm nerf reversed, but the card is HoF'd
  • Personally, I'd probably go with 2, but I'm curious to what the community thinks.
    I'd be fine with the nerf being reversed, and have it be HoF'd. I never felt Mana Wyrm was ever a problem. I've played with it tons at 1 mana. It only ever takes off if you have the fuel, and your opponent is lacking removal. It's the Mage version of Northshire Cleric. That's all it ever was. If you didn't have the removal for it, then the value can get scary. Just like Tunnel Trog in Shaman. Classes can have cards like this, and be ok.

    Honestly, I feel like the HS team simply has a hard time balancing Aggro... So, sometimes it leads to some strange nerfs. Everyone's human though.

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