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01/22/2019 01:11 AMPosted by Tman15tmb
I never said I was being a douchebag to any one, when did I say that? Your argument is invalid and I do have the right to complain about whatever I want, doesn't mean I'm a douchebag, and yes everyone else has the right to be on here and express their opinions on the game. And yes you can come on here and post naive comments that show your asinine.
I'm just providing an example smart one. Usually mature people don't try to ruin someone elses fun just because there fun got ruined. I'm saying you having the logic that because your deck got nerfed other people deserve to get their decks nerfed for no particular reason other than you want someone else to feel your frustrations. That is the same psychotic mindset of "someone is being a jerk to me so I should be allowed to be a jerk to other people."

Usually mature people don't call other people douchebags. And I wasn't implying that I want to ruin other people's fun. I want the game to be more dynamic and versatile and I like this game very much, and if I feel as if a deck is to overpowered I complain about it.
And right now Death Rattle Hunter is the meta right now. This is what this topic is about, not how much of a douchebag I am.
There is only one problem with that topic.

DK rexxar isn't a overpowered card.
Yeah nerf Rexxas.

Edit: typo
01/22/2019 01:57 PMPosted by minami
There is only one problem with that topic.

DK rexxar isn't a overpowered card.

No, the one problem with this topic is that it's NOT about DK Rexxar.

Seriously, does no one actually read the topics anymore?

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