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For a couple of years I can not log in to your account from any apple device, as well as create a new account. Or you receive a different error, or does not ship! This is an unprecedented nightmare as because of this I can not enjoy the game to the full! My Mail [Removed by Blizzard] understand I'm desperate for 3 years can not play your favorite game!!!
Blizzard already has your email...

Posting it on a PUBLIC forum is just not a good idea. I suggest you remove it from your post.
Hi there Ermillion,

I checked this out my friend and it looks like the account was logged in to today and open packs. Is this resolved now? If not resolved, do you only have this issue on an Apple device?

If this is only on an Apple Device, can you post back the specs of the device? This will help us give you more information.

Note: I removed your email from the thread. :)


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