Arena. Is this LEGAL?

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Tried to play arena.

From all cards that I was offered - no global synergy. I mean - only 4 beasts. (Was playing hunter, and really - it OFFERED me beasts, any beasts, only 4 times). Only 3 mechas (and only 1 with magnetism). Only 1 secret (once could choose from 3 different secrets). No legendaries. Almost no epics to choose from.

Aaaaand my first enemy - warrior with 6 or 7 dragons of different kind. With synergy "if you have dragon in your hand" and TWO DRAGON LEGENDARIES.

It's called "random".
Your draft was, apparently, very unlucky.
Your opponent was, apparently, very unlucky.

It happens (especialy in Arena). Shrug it off, move on. Next game you'll have a different opponent. Next draft, you'll probably have better luck.

And to answer your question: yes, it is legal.

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