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Hey, it took a while, but you made it: today, the worst Tavern Brawl of all times started! Completely random, no fun at all.

Any other comments?

Well, just to mention that: Usually I'm a big fan of this Wonderful Format!

Yeah doing my first match I decided Priest my Opponent picked Mage.

So far I would have to say Mage if all the cards are the same. While not only casting random spells, ALL OF THEIR MINIONS ARE DISCOVER SPELLS TOO! Or Trigger Damage. So all my minions are getting frozen, nuked, etc. 5 times my minions were frozen so yeah, kinda hard to win. Somewhere he/she got spirit lash when the win was at hand. That will Alexstraza and Meteorologist....

The random spells I cast were absolutely useless had zero or ill effect.

So yeah, another coin flip brawl rock paper scissors who wins.

At least with Mage you get to have control of the game. So trying Mage next see if the cards are the same.
This isn't new its a repeat and yes its the worst Brawl they ever made. Unlike other random brawls no decision matter in this one because it has a chance of exploding in your face literally. Play a thing and you can pyroblast yourself. Behind on board play anything in your deck that is 100% minions and your minions explode. Inadequate offerings for the RNGesus shrine you become a crater. At least other random brawls you get decisions that matter even if your deck is a dumpster fire and you opponent has the nuts. This brawl doesn't matter what your deck is or how you play it. If RNGesus wants you to lose everything you do just explodes in your face and there is no way to mitigate the bad outcomes other than not playing anything. If you are behind that is not an option as then all your opponent has to do is just keep hitting your face and never has to risk playing something that might explode in their face.
Stop wasting people's time with this crap and have the slot machine looking for opponent just tell us if we won or lost.
While this brawl is truly one of the most RNG-brawls out there, there are a few things you can do to optimize your play:

1. Pick a hero with a useful heropower. In this context it's mostly board-oriented HPs like Mage, Rogue or Druid, but Warlock is also fine, because drawing cards can become an issue.

2. Always affect the board or your opponent before you play a minion. You'll never know what happens afterwards.

3. Save cards when you are ahead, so you can dump them when you are behind. This means mostly play bigger minions, or just fewer cards.

4. Don't press concede unless you are dead on board and have no cards to play left. One spell can turn the table quite quickly.

5. Don't play Jaraxxus when you play Warlock. There is a very real possibility of a random Sacrificial Pact... Believe me, I just had one.

All in all, I don't care much for this brawl, because even if you heed these tips, one random spell can result in a disaster for you or your opponent. But hey, it's just one victory for a pack...
This is not the first brawl to be dubbed "Worst Ever" and will not be the last. Many players (especially new ones) enjoy the random brawls because the net-deckers can't come and flood the brawl with their trash. While I don't personally enjoy random brawls that much, I realize the format changes every week and more often than not, it will use rng. Spectre offers some great advice above.

I think of this brawl as though your minions are battling in an old "mine field" which is riddled with un-triggered spells. I feel Spectre's point #2 is one of the most important: Make all moves you want to before playing a new minion so you don't screw yourself if a bad spell triggers.

If you cannot win because Rngeesus hates you, then ask a friend to lose a match for the sake of the card pack and come back next week. In the meantime, there is always ladder play, casual play, arena play, solo adventures...

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