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Blizzard had games that cover quite a few of the popular genre that players like. If they would to release a new game, what genre will you like it to be?

FPS: First Person Shooter.
RTS: Real Time Strategy.
MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.
RPG: Role Playing Game.
MMO: Massively Multiplayer Online.
MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games.

Also, what will be the content be like? Using the current IP or totally new stories/characters?
I like the idea. But a differnt genre: paca (point and click adventure). Yes. it's very old fashioned, but I like the genre.

Content: funny story (like days of the tentacle, if anybody remembers that one), could even work as a parody of hearthstone/wow.
Diablo card game. :)
I am a huge fan of Grand Strategy games (Total War, RTK, etc) and would be intrigued by how such genre would look like in a WOW setting.

Next, a turn based (XCOM, FF Tactics) game will also attract me, given the ricj IP blizz have.

Lastly, I like builders. A great platform where I can have a casual game where I sit back and watch the tiny lives scurrying to work, after I build massive town or buildings.
I always wanted them to make Warhammer universe instead of copy/paste the whole world via Warcraft and Starcraft because they werent able to get a license form GW

Though atm I am happy with ancient Dawn of War and Total War Warhammer games.

So...dont know. Some single player game with interesting story (they are good at that) and with some RPG elements.
Definitely tactical roleplay (ala Final Fantasy tactics) with a vs mode. Something I've wanted for a while. The job point based system would be cool to graft onto WoW classes, too.

I think the outlands storyline would be fun to play. Lots of factions, choices to be made, power to steal, etc.

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