Your opinion: who is getting hit the hardest in april?

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02/23/2019 09:15 AMPosted by Smeet

Overall, this rotation seems like it will be a seismic shift in the meta. Very few decks seem like they will be able to remain mostly the same afterward (only secret odd mage, odd paladin, and odd warrior seem like they would be mostly functional with the current card sets that won't rotate).

Idk about that...pally is losing Vinecleaver and unidentified maul.(both weapons it runs)
Lost in the jungle,righteous protector and fire fly(1 drops) are also gone.
And stonehill defender ,funglemancer,and corridor creeper are gone.
I think pally is wrecked with that.
However I am curious about odd mage...
Will losing firefly and dire mole...and explosive runes hurt the deck enough to knock it out of tier 1...if the new set has some good one drops it may be ok. It will sorely miss runes however.
I agree pally is the biggest loser here, Sunkeeper is very important, and all the cards mentioned by the guy above me is all that makes odd pally work.

All other decks can continue to exist, they lost some of their best cards, but so did all opponents. But odd pally pretty much lost everything and can't continue.
Everyone who believes Standard will be balanced after April's rotation.
Mods obviously play priest (big priest still not nerfed) so i'd assume priest would still be solid wven though wveryone think it would be trashed.

Hunter loses the most since it loses the infinite value/who cares about draw DK.
Warlocks as well (no more free mana demons).

As a shaman player, it would probably still suck
hundreds of new cards coming in to reboot them all dont worry.

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