hang on IOS, iPhone SE, during last 6 month

Bug Report
Problem: game hangs and needs reload on iPhone SE, IOS 12.1.3

Problem appeared more than half year ago.
That time this was looking like a temporary bag that would be fixed in few time. Forum was full of reports. I was waiting for fixes, time was going, game seemed to be less enjoy, each hang maked me more tilted.
All new IOS and HS updates didn't helped.
Now I come into game and see the same thing:

During match schreen hangs. Reload helps, but most of time turn is missed, that usually meens loose.
During loading screen app hangs on first gate screen. Only reload helps. Through time I've become skilled enough: if there's more 5 seconds with no activated animation of light behind the gate, it means u need to reload.

Sometimes there's no hang for some hours, sometimes there's a hang each 10-15 seconds for 5 times in a row.
Always play with all other apps closed, to be shure there's no problem with iPhone owerloaded (but usually feel like an idiot doing this for a card game in 2018)

Now I can't find a discutions about this broblem on the forum. Is there a decision I don't know, or everyone is just gave up truing to have fun?

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