New patch glitch? 40 free classic packs!?

Bug Report
After logging in (iphone6) and receiving my gold Fireworks Tech Lunar New Year card, I was granted 40 classic packs as well as 2packs & 7packs respectively of older expansions no longer listed in the shop. I was thinking "holy crap that's a ton of packs everyone is getting!" But when I got to the main screen there were no packs to open.

Has anyone else had this happen? I assume it was a new patch glitch, but man, what a terrible tease. I was really excited to open some packs!
Hey Nasurekiam,

Were you logging into a different region? This can happen because the pack reward you are seeing is sent to the entire account, but the card packs themselves are tied to the region where it was claimed.
That could be the culprit. Yesterday, the game suddenly wouldn't load past the initial "Hearthstone" tavern gates screen, so I uninstalled and reinstalled it.

When it first started up, I chose to log in, but for some reason it just ignored that and started me as a new user, defaulting to the Asia region, based on my IP address.
After the very first part of the tutorial, I went to options and chose to switch account. I changed the region to the Americas and logged in.
That's when I received the Fireworks Tech card and was "granted" the free packs.

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