BlizzCon pointed to China, Jaina confirms it.

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Blizzard is making their contempt for the people that built their company well known. The would change OUR game after FIVE years for a country that has a problem. Not a version for them, a CENSORED version for EVERYONE. This is unacceptable and it is contemptuous to all of your playerbade. Rainbow 6: Siege did this and now Blizzard, being the good little followers they are, are copying it lockstep. It's about the principal here and how you would throw your current playerbase to the dogs by making them subject to restrictions for a country they DON'T live in for that almighty dollar. Keep it up, you'll find yourself out of good faith faster than it's already depleting.

Or wait? Maybe you'll sic the media dogs on us again? Make the players the bad guys again. Toxic and unflinching? Is that the backup plan against backlash? Just them toxic, sexist gamers again.

Get bent Blizzard, and remember who made you what you are.
Activision doesn't care what players think. Activision is NOT your friend, they are a company. Activision is following what their shareholders think where the money lies. Activision thinks that they can make more money in China unaware that the mobile market is already overly saturated. Best bet is to find another game / company and leave Hearthstone behind because Activision will / is bending over backwards for the China market.
Actually, Rainbow 6: Siege didn't censor because Ubisoft backed out. That would make Blizzard the only one to give in to China and choose to change their entire game for every player they have worldwide.

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