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I seriously start to dislike hunters, i don't mind that they are strong but every other match (if i am lucky otherwise a couple of matches in a row) i face off against a hunter.
I start having dreams about hunters. And if i don't play against a hunter it's a control priest, because hey it beats hunter, So 60% against hunter and 35% percent against priest ( i know i over do it) makes a very interesting meta.

The nerfs, that Blizzard came op with are more a marketing buff, but not the solution to the hunter over flood.

A nerf would be, making the springpaw cost 2 mana, in my eyes he is a big problem in combination with the hyena, not the hyena it self he is fine.
Some other problem cards will be rotating out so i won't address them, but hunters are a problem right now.

So i am off till April, to play some nice MTG Arena catch you all in spring !!!!

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