Blizzard-sponsored gifts/merch for FG?

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Hello all,
I'm planning on hosting a fireside gathering in May, which will include a tournament, cosplays, quizzes and live streaming. I have heard that quite often Blizzard decides to "sponsor" such events by providing gift bags/cards/merch to add to the prize pool.
I have already sent an e-mail to (which is the one I found on this website) but no answer yet (it's been a month).
I would appreciate any tips or suggestions.

p.s. FYI, here are our event and tournament page:
Hey Paris,

I have heard of blizzard sending stuff at one point or another. I have a journal style book I got from one. I would guess you would have to be a regular tavern though. As in hosted many FGs already with many players. If you have, you just have to get lucky I guess.

EDIT: You could also do things to get their attention for next time like make a short recording of the event, winners, etc. and send a video link in through their feedback telling them how great it was.

Good luck.
Seems legit. Thanks for the advice!

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