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Why did you change Jaina hero portrait?
For me the cause is the CENSOR OF CHINESE that win of all the other country for this kind of company...
I'm very disappointed and I hope to a rollback as soon as possible.
At least they did not reduce the size of her breasts and made her 40 years older.
It seems that ultimately they only have time to make ridiculous nonsense.
Seriously WHY is everyone complaining about the portrait change... you seriously all play this game just to see cleavage?? Quit whining, the portrait still looks fine.
It was snuck in. That's just as bad as the censorship. Give me a break.
I afraid not of censorship, but of double standards. Why have not someon covered Garrosh’s muscles with a shirt? Because it’s not a fight with sexualisation, just another feminist thing.
it is the first step, and the censorship is sure to escalate even more in the future
i have uninstalled the game already, theres literally thousands of games being released per year and as much as i like this one i will not support censorship
it's a shame to be stupid like this censor šhit
fvck ssapos

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