Arena Treasure chest vs Acolyte of pain

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Why is Arena Treasure chest a 4 cost card when it has no attack.
It's never going to replace Acolyte of pain if you price it out of any competition, apart from priest I can't see any other deck using this card.

Blizzard! Why are so bad a balancing your game, so far it feels "Rumble" was a complete waste of money, because to many of the new cards are total trash, unless you want to play more OTK/aggro decks.
You clearly have never experimented with arena chest before.
I have been playing HS for about two years now, and although I know the card can pass somewhat fine in few decks, I agree on the part it is one of the weakest ever. I like its value, but Blizzard should nerf it a bit in my opinion (e.g. make it actively to lose 1health per turn).
because when they release a new set they make decks in that set that you MUST play. or just be facerolled until you netdeck them. the rest of the cards in an expansion are completely useless filler that is used like taunt card to muck up your chances of getting good cards and legends. thats it.
none of these games take much work. tiny companies spit out these rng based games like crazy. the 800 layoffs are just a start. these people coded themselves out of a job by making trash games that basically run themselves and require almost no attention. i feel bad for none of them. should have seen this game industry collapse coming years ago like the rest of us. 2018 was the year the mighty have fallen....and good riddance.
Why make good cards when you're just going to get fired right?

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