Hearthstone keeps on crashing

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Hey, is anybody else having issues where Hearthstone crashes every time you try and make a new deck, or even try to do anything on the collection page? I'm on mac and the game crashes, but still says its running. I have to delete the game and reinstall it to play, but the same issue keeps on happening. I've had the game for a couple years now but haven't played in awhile if that matters. Also, smaller problem, whenever I finish a quest the screen gets all blurry and I'm forced to restart the game. Fell like my game is completely bugged out and have no idea what to do. Any help would be great
Hi there,

I am sorry to hear about this crash, I know crashes like this are never fun. In this case it would be best to post one of these crash logs the game should be making. This will help us look in to the problem and offer answers. :)

    1. Open Finder.
    2. Hold the Option (Alt) key and select Library from the Go menu on the system menu bar.
    3. Navigate to Logs/Unity/
    4. Find the Player.log file. This is your error report.

I look forward to more information soon.


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