What cards do you think HAD potential?

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Kingsbane. The only legendary rogue weapon can be used to repeatedly smack your face into targets...except rogues have literally no sustain and so the card is a meme card.
Untamed Beastmaster and I crafted 2. Not that it actually got pushed out, but it wasn't as strong as I expected.

It turns out I never got the buff. It was instantly killed or I played it and then didnt draw any beasts for a while.
Tried to make Odd-beast-rogue iwth it.
Spirit of the Frog, Kragwa. These cards see little play only because Shaman is bad.
King Mosh
02/21/2019 11:00 PMPosted by Arrowshooter
I didn't expect anything from Serpent Ward but I've only seen it played once since the expansion launched and I play Hearthstone daily.

I used it constantly in even shaman.

Blood Troll sapper seemed exciting to me, when you catch a good defile you can OTK, happens like 3% of the time lol
02/21/2019 07:31 PMPosted by Wulfric
What cards do you think had potential, but got stifled out by the meta? Curious to know what everyone thinks.


Shaman lacks draw and the things they get to draw always seem difficult to use and this one makes no exception. At first, it seems like a good body that could stick for multiple draws but then, you have to fill your deck with cheap spells to make it work, and can,t realistically play more than 1 or two spells on the turn you play it, making it a very difficult card to use and build your deck around. Devs wonder why shaman isn't played more, guess what, when you give other classes ways to draw cards, and none to shaman, guess what's gonna happen.

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