Thx a lot bliiz/team 5 for...

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dont deleting accounts that use BOTS at rank 20...

its like playing vs the innkeeper but with worst decks and HERE I CAN EARN GOLD!

THX..plz dont fix so fun..

Bots are the new customers. So expect Blizzard to ban human accounts in the near future.
Look at the bright side: we get an AI mode!

I like the bots. They're Great.

I do like the bots.
wait i thought i was crazy... ive seen some actual bots playing at these low lvls haven't i??
It's retarded how blizzard won't implement a system to purge this trash, this is making thousands of people uninstall the game and they won't even acknowledge that it is going on. Just make it so they can't use the random name generator to make names or don't allow numbers to be used when making names, it's not that hard.

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