which card do you fear the most

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As title says. Which card(s) do you fear seeing the most.
It has to be a card that you see quiet often,not something like deathwing.

2-violet wyrm
3-draggon roar

Probably blastwave for me.

pls close,wrong section of forum.

Animal Companion

second animal companion as all hunters have 2 in under 5 cards.
A second Huffer

Shock and awe at the RNG.

Jeweled Bird

didn't get and mulligan opener or Card in 4 turns to answer the 1 2 3 RNG


Taste my Steel? Nope
Taste my Skee'l? Yep
Everyone knows face is the place
Me trade? Nope
Me go face? Yep

another game, another hunter, another animal companion, another Huffer (+dire frenzy) and now Dk Rexxar - oh the randomness

Rexxy and RNG win another
Turn 2 Keleseth
Turn 4 Barnes (wild)

I wouldn’t say fear as much as dread

I absolutely dread seeing those cards played on curve.
Nothing kills my spirit to play the game more then watching your chances of winning plummet by nothing more then seeing those cards on curve.
Just uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
At the moment? I guess Kill Command.
Coldlight Oracle
Scavenging Hyena, I never have an adequate answer for it so it quickly gets out of control. And no, I can never kill it as a 2/2 because hunters are generally smart enough to play it on a turn they can trade to buff it out of low cost removal range
Most hero cards, especially Rexxar and Jaina
Keleseth on curve triggers me everytime
It's gonna be a funny one, but - Hellfire. 90% of warlocks kills me off with it.
An unanswered Flappy bird, followed by cloning gallery and skull of the manari (if im not running weapon hate).
The second Mana Wyrm on turn 1 is a scary one I don't care who you are.
None will survive...
02/09/2019 02:06 AMPosted by Sinthetiks
None will survive...

Yeah, I was going to say Odd Warrior is usually insta-concede for me, and quest warrior also. I don't even want to play that game.
1. Mage's secrets...

Unless you have the counter in your hand, this is for me the most feared thing in HS.

2. The second one would be Mage Quest...

Very weak, but still, I like to play Control and this Quest is a bad way to say Hello.

3. Evolve

When Shaman pulls it off, it gets bad.

Cards like Barnes, Jade Idol aren't worthy in this list, they should be nerfed in the first place, just like Patches was.
Obsidian statue...

Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.
It's going to be Frost Lich Jaina for me. This one is stressful for me.
Most removal, so 3/4 of most decks..
I can't say any I fear or dread any cards played. However, knowing that more than likely Ill have to play around removal sucks the big one. Like screams, dragon furies, flamestrikes, reckless flurry etc etc. Those are all irritants. Other than that i say bring it on haha.
Not sure fear is the right word so much as dread. Either Thekal or seance onto Amara because I then I know I am most likely here for a while and about to continue to play a very dull game.
Reno because I don't want to spend 60 minutes to complete a single match.

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