Arena needs to be more balanced.

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I decided to pick up Hearthstone again and try to play some more. I had about 700 Gold, so I spent it on Arena runs trying to get at least 3 wins. The problem is how unbalanced those runs are. Even if you use one of the many apps that help you with drafting, it's just pure !@#$ty RNG that can screw you over.

If I had a few taunts, everybody had bigger and better taunts. Ones I had never been given the option to ever draw. If they had lots of minions, I was never given any board clears as an option to help kill them. Even if I had the board, the enemy DID draft board clears, so I lost. Because I got 0 options while they got 5.

RNG does not make for a fun game. Not in a game that is supposed to be skill-based. There is no skill when it involves getting 0 board clears with 4+ Arena Drafts. I even drafted Warlock, king of the board clears, and got 0 options the entire draft. Even with minions and Life Tap, along with some of the Kobold Librarians, I couldn't stay ahead on the board either.

My drafts in Arena were 100% the reason I'm not going to keep playing. The entire experience is horrible for new players/returning players. The drafting system really needs to be balanced out so that people get at least 1 board clear in their draft picks. There *needs* to be that option of a come-back for every deck, otherwise the entire thing is just like being run over by a freight train if you have a terrible starting hand.

I can deal with having a terrible hand. That's the nature of drawing. But being unable to get certain key card types in your draft, while others get a surplus of them is just ridiculous.

For those that do enjoy that type of RNG, that's all fine. But this is incredibly off-putting to me and I'm sure it's why many people don't continue to play nor even try to get into the game.
Also, want to add on this. I love how every draft its always the same !@#$ing card options. Nothing new. Violet Wurm, Charged Devilsaur and Deranged Doctor. Never changes. Always the %^-*ing same. Ever since this bucket list was introduce Arena is !@#$. F@g arena and F@g %^- game. Bring back old arena thanks Blizzard.

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