Worst tavern ever

Tavern Brawl Discussion
The new tavern is horrible. This random sucks. Blizzard goes down.

(usually taverns were fun :( )
Dude Shamans got !@#$ on in this tavern brawl. I don't think they put a sing 1,2,3 cost card in the deck. You literally get %^-* on for 4 rounds before you can make a move then you die
Gaffgarion makes no sense, this brawl isn't about playing minions on curve, also the cards are random, tried shaman and it had totem golem and another 2 drop
Its not new they did this before and yes its garbage. Unlike Shiftcon where you have a bit of control even though its high RNG. Yogg Tryouts is pure garbage as its all completely out of your control. If the game wants you to lose it give you a Pyroblast to the face or destroys all of your stuff and buffs theirs. One game I play a 1 drop get Pyroblast to my face then opponents 1 drop Firelands Portals my face into Doomguard. Turn 2 my 2 drop wipes my board and my opponents 2 drop is Call of the Wild for lethal.

Never repeat this brawl again it truly is the worst brawl created thus far at least the other RNG Brawls don't punish you just for playing anything.
wasn't sure what the rules were, seemed really Randumbed!

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