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non-basic cards can be disenchanted for full arcane dust when that event will start?
This is the first im hearing of that. I know when they nerf cards you can get a fulled dust refund. But I haven't seen anything anywhere that would suggest they're doing a full dust disenchantment altho i would be frkn thrilled by that that would give me well over 6000 dust if i got full dust for all my extra cards lol.
OP read just one sentence from whole announce text. Only nerfed cards can be disenchanted for full price as usual.
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You got your answer. Read what others said. This only includes nerfed cards. It's not something new either, it has been like this since the beginning, Blizz refunding full dust price if you disenchant recently nerfed cards. That is why there is no other mention of it only being apply to nerfed cards. Recently nerfed cards are shown in your screenshot, so make note: Equality, Lesser Emerald Spellstone, Cold Blood (non-basic cards). Nerf hit last week btw (around 5 days ago to be exact). So you only have another week left (9 days).

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