Which card do you fear the most ?

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As title says. Which card(s) do you fear seeing the most.
It has to be a card that you see quiet often,not something like deathwing.
Some examples:

2-violet wyrm
3-draggon roar
4-armani war bear (nope I don't fear this one,though I always pick it)

Probably blastwave for me.
Bone drake, tar creeper, hyldinir frost rider. The list goes on and on.
A frikin Silversword..or a Shadow madness on my poor Arfus -.-
I don't fear card

I fear RNG lords
it's non stop
dragon roar
blastwave there are like 8 dead spells

Not so much fear - annoyed by

3 years of the Obsidian Statue. No matter what format you play - they it is to save the day. Once again, victory is near, - nope I have my win card. Lets get all the way back up to 30 health.
Cards that are so autopilot there's no counterplay 99.9% of the time. and decisions start having no power to affect the outcome of the game. The power of any decision pales in comparison to the power level of the card.

Cards like Supercollider, UI, Omega Agents. Tarim, Death Knights etc. Why draft a deck of 30 cards, and play a game over multiple turns using multiple cards... when one card is so blatantly powerful it basically ends the game by itself on that one turn it's played?

Cards like that don't take any setup, or any strategy you have to use to make the card powerful when it comes along. It just ends the game whenever it does. Why bother playing at all? Just watch the game as a movie instead. That's why so many ex-players just watch a streamer every once in awhile instead of actually playing. It's like having a drinking contest with contestants taking shot after shot, and then all of a sudden you find a syringe in your hand and you inject pure ethanol directly into your opponent's carotid artery.

Cards like that dominate arena meta. They're fun to play with while they're new, but they make the game so stale after 2-3 weeks. If those small handful of autopilot cards are systematically reduced in arena, it would have much greater lasting power. They don't have to be reduced to near zero like DK's were, but it would be nice to see them less and less as they singlehandedly decide more and more games.
Thx for responses!

Lots of cards are fearfull and frostrider on 3 is annoying to say the least. But still it does not feel I cant come back,something I do feel when wyrm or blastwave are played in an otherwise equal match.
Mind Control and Blast Wave.
Mass Hysteria, Volcano, Mind Control, all buffs/weapons for Paladin
definitely draggon roar. I don't know what you feel when a warrior had this card more than 2 in the arena, I give up instantly if my board had no pro.
Defile and Warpath are the two cards I try hardest to play around when I can.
The one that gives my opponent lethal.
Supercollider most definitely.
Dragon roar for me, too many games where it loaded the opponent with two legendaries that ended the game if you couldn't kill the opponent before turn 8.

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