Made it to rank 5, woot!

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just excited as heck to have made it to 5 last night in standard ranked.
sunday i started at rank 15 and made it to rank 9. monday i played for a little bit and made it to rank 8. last night didnt start out so good, i loaded up a game with the wrong deck and auto quit ( it was just a randomly made up deck), it dropped me back to 9. my goal last night was to just get to 7, so i played 2 games with my secret odd mage and got back to 8. then i decided i would change to a different deck a warlock deck and went on an 11-2 run and made it to 5 with 1 star.

literally the best rank ive ever been, back when big priest was in standard i had got to 7 before, but never made it to 5. im not sure if i can make it to legend based on what ive read about the grind, win rates percentages and averages, but im super happy that i made it were im at.
Gratz :)
Grats. I got to rank 6 with 5 stars but got beaten by the unbeatable deck: big priest.

After that...been trying but was unable to get back there..dropped back down to rank 7. So there’s no reason for me to play hearthstone anymore, this month at least. Momentum is wasted and playing more matches to inevitably drop down is a waste of time and effort...and argueably sanity.

Since this topic is opened, I want to brag that I also reached rank 5, but in wild format. I started to play wild maybe 2 weeks ago for the first time. I played Thief Rogue and home brew rush/charge midrange warrior deck. It took me less then 2 weeks from rank 25 to 5. since these decks showed up well, I will try to reach legend, I do not have that much time right now, but definitely I will try. :)

Currently, I am rank 4 in standard (after I reached legend few months ago, I dont have too much motivation to try hard for legend again, I am satisfied with rank 5), but it was challenging for me to reach rank 5 in wild format with "fun" (not competitive) deck, and I did it. It means that almost every deck can be good, only if you know how to pilot it and to predict opponents moves.

P.S. Hope Tyani you wont give up, and that you will succeed to reach your goal rank!
awesome Jurke39 congrats to you as well man!!!
Good job! Wish i could get to a high rank, but at least you did.
Grats, now aim for legend :)
02/21/2019 11:50 AMPosted by PUPU
Grats, now aim for legend :)

Why advocate for someone's torture?
im actually trying, dont think i have enough time. ran about 3 hours of games and went 15-11 at rank 5 and went from 0 stars to 4 stars. So i have a feeling its not going to be possible this season. also noticed, which i didnt know till last night there is no bonus stars for winning consecutive games.
Congrats! I remember the first time I reached rank 5. It was a great feeling!
Try your luck with legend. If you are struggling and feeling no progress try again at the very last days of the month because there should be less competition at the end of the season.

I got my first and only legend in 4 days at the end of the month so it's completely doable.

Either way due to your progress you will start higher next season so your chances to hit legend will only increase.
02/21/2019 11:52 AMPosted by gorillamunch
02/21/2019 11:50 AMPosted by PUPU
Grats, now aim for legend :)

Why advocate for someone's torture?

He is a sadist, was that not obvious?

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