Scroll of Wonder -> Brawl -> no minions left

Bug Report
Hey guys, just had the situation from the title happen to me.

Here's the HDT replay link.

Basically, a dead minion was chosen as the winner of a Brawl, resulting in full board clear.

Sorry for the mangled title, forum won't allow more than 45 characters.
Unusual but not a bug.

Until death processing is initiated, minions that have zero or negative health are still on the board (they are considered "mortally wounded"). Brawl picks a random survivor which can be a mortally wounded minion.

In this case, the attack on the Acolyte initiated a card draw, which initiated a spell to be cast. Death processing is initiated when the original action (in this case the attack) is completed, which was after the card draw was completed, which in turn was after the Brawl was completed and a replacement card was drawn.
I'd like to note that while there's nothing explicitly broken or inconsistent with Brawl choosing a dying minion as the survivor, there is plenty of precedent for random selection effects ignoring certain "useless" targets. For example, effects that destroy or damage random minions will ignore minions that are already dying. Healing Rain will not heal characters at full health. Demented Frostcaller won't try to Freeze a Frozen enemy.

While not directly comparable, letting Brawl choose a survivor that cannot survive does seem like a similarly "wasted" random selection in a situation where more viable targets exist. Since the nature and intent of the unwritten rule are not fully understood, I think bringing it to Blizzard's attention is worthwhile, just to be safe.

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