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  • "Balance"
  • Balance is mission impossible even hotfix everyday.
  • "Boring"
  • 90% cards are not used in 90% duel.
    Only high win rate decks are used because lose a duel is not funny even if the deck is funny.
  • "Reward"
  • Why we play HS?
    Are these rewards attractive?
    Daily quest? Only 10 mins per day.
    High rank in ladder? Only few player can enjoy it.
    Feeling of win? Always equal rate to get feeling of lose.

  • Stop try to balance cards
  • You can never satisfied everyone.

  • Stop retire cards
  • We buy packs. We open packs. We get cards. The feeling of losing cards is not good.

  • A new world for HS "Battle for Azeroth"
  • New game mode
    Show the map of Azeroth
    Remove daily quest
    You earn gold by "Occupy" land.
    Occupy one land by one deck
    More decks, more lands occupied, more gold every day.
    Card in this deck can't be in that deck.
    You may have up to 1 legendary / 2 epic / 3 rare / 4 normal same card in your collection.

    How it works
    Choose your unused deck to attack an occupied land
    Server match an random online player whose deck occupied this land
    Your attack deck vs his occupied deck
    Attacker wins, occupy the land by the attack deck.
    Defender wins, upgrade the land(more gold every day)

    Online and not in duel, server may choose you to "defend" your land.
    land will degrade if no duel on it for long time. (avoid long time offline)
    You may give up land or decline the duel from attacker to free your deck on it.

    What will the game will be
    duel will not only between Tier 1 decks anymore
    Every card has its chance to stand on the stage
    Interesting decks will be more and more
    "Balance" is not important anymore
    "Retired" is not needed anymore
    Designer may add more cards into the game even it is too "Strong" or too "Funny"
    Players may gain funny not only from "WIN"
    "Copy" deck is useless because there may be thousands of interesting decks
    You will never "KNOW" almost every cards in your opponent's deck when you know his class at the beginning of a duel.

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