Naxxramas - 5 of 5 floors or stairs or the hard way

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An incredible adventure in 5 blocks has been fully completed. I really liked the adventures of Naxxramas. It was incredible. Tough bosses. Sea fan. Great mood. I recommend everyone to go through Naxxramas.

1 quarter -
2 quarter -
3 quarter -
4 quarter -
5 quarter -
Wait, is Naxx out?!
02/10/2019 07:05 PMPosted by Plikuscht
Wait, is Naxx out?!

Naxxramas is already out and these adventures can be bought in the store!
02/10/2019 07:06 PMPosted by Pißwasser

Naxxramas can be purchased on the website of the Blizzard, but in the game, Naxxramas is impossible to buy. You go to the site, enter your account, then click Hartstone and there you can see the 4-d adventure that you can buy Naxxramas, Black mountain, League of researchers, Karazhan. All the 4D adventure!

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