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So.. what happens if a Warlock Cataclysms a board with their Mecha’thun and the opponent’s Hakkar on it?
I guess it depends on which minion was played first?

I think Deathrattles happen in the order the minions were played, so if Mecha'Thun was played first, its DR happens first, and the deck is empty so it activates.
But if Hakkar was played first, then Hakkar happens first and puts a card in each deck, so when Mecha'Thun happens, it doesn't trigger because the deck isn't empty.

I'm not 100% sure, but that would be my guess.
It depends on which one was played first, apparently:
I also think the shuffling happens too late (or needs to be considered)
02/12/2019 07:07 AMPosted by Right
I also think the shuffling happens too late (or needs to be considered)

This happened in a recent Trolden video, and Hakkar being on the board first was enough to prevent Mecha'thun's effect from activating.
It should be a counter. If you play Hakkar the turn before your opponent tries to Mecha'thun it should trigger first and ruin Mecha'thuns requirement. However, this game has a ton of inconsistencies when it comes to interactions like this so who knows.
The mechathun deck loses about everytime because they dont yolo mecha without being able to win that turn. They would have to do this to avoid hakkar right and so its not happening.
My guess is that I label you a hack for playing Mechathun and never play you again.
Firebat has played a game that played out exactly like this.
Hakkar triggers first.
It’s pretty funny
I brought this up in a topic weeks ago as a public service announcement because my opponents would just keep playing their warlock deck without understanding and then they would well play spam me on their final turn as if they won. I'd just sit back and watch the humiliation. Just leave hakkar on board and you win. Mechathun warlock doesn't run silence so they lose every single time. It's great fun to spoil their plans thinking they can get away without interacting with a single minion you play.

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