Suggestion: Baku also makes your Hero Power cost (3). Genn also downgrades your hero power.

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Suggestion: Baku and Genn's modified Hero Powers have a cooldown turn once in a while.

Say, every 2 turns you use them, the Hero Power shuts down.
Or we could make them 3.

This way, neither Genn nor Baku become a copypaste Justicar Trueheart. Also, their early game doesn't get unnecessarily ruined. Still, they would have something to pay in exchange for the chance to have a HP upgrade since game start.
It's indicative that although most people have recognized that Baku and Genn are problematic, those kinds of threads still get downvoted to oblivion, not because people are fans of the cards that are targeted but because the adjustments suggested make no sense.

It would be more straightforward to delete the cards than make them unplayable in a manner that if such a nerf was implemented , people would instantly lose what faith is left there that the developing team has a notion of what balance is.

Admitting that printing a card was a mistake is much better than doubling down on atrocious card design since what you propose is still in the realm of atrocious card design.
They could change Baku and Genn so that they start in your opening hand like quests, and in addition increase their cost to be greater than 10, so they are in effect a dead card in hand the whole game unless played in a deck where the person could decrease their cost in some way, but based on the stats it wouldn't matter anyway.
Okay. Here are my thoughts

First, changing Baku to 3 is downright awful. By playing Baku you absolutely cannot run a turn 2 play. And, just as Genn demands having its hero power used on 1, Baku isnt just lightly nerfed by having a full tempo loss in the early game.

It kills it.

Second. Downgrade Genn powers? Then why even run Genn? You can do infinitely better things at that point...up to and including using the worst cards in the game instead.

Not that it matters because you outright cannot downgrade some of them. How do you downgrade paladin? It's already a 1/1 with no powers. That's a 0 mana minion. Hell it's worse than a 0 mana minion. And warlock already only draws 1 card. You could raise the damage dealt, but that either is too much or not enough with zero room between.

How do you downgrade shaman? If you try to limit the pool you make it better not worse and the minions are already 3/4 zero attack.

How do you downgrade mage? It's already 1 damage. Reduce its target to minion only? Nothing changes. You can make it hero only but that's a deathknell.

In short, OP, your ideal is absolutely terrible as a balancing tool. And a great illustration of the trap Blizzard put themselves in. You cant turn any of their knobs at all. They're already at the very bottom of what they can even be to be worth losing so much.

The problem (which I'll never agree they are one) is the consistency of the game. And nothing you can do to the effect changes that. Changing the trigger is, in all possible cases, absolute death of a card because you are sacrificing a ton for a relatively weak effect. It's not the direct efficiency of mana, but the repeat value of the power that matters.
02/23/2019 01:38 PMPosted by Monday
Horrible idea by someone without any background or knowledge in trading card game mechanics. Delete this before n more see it and you are further embarrassed by your ignorance and poorly constructed ideas

maybe the exact mechanics suggested aren't great but I kind of like the base idea that baku would give you a slightly stronger more expensive power and his flip would give a cheaper but slightly weaker but more flexible hero power.

but I would take almost any suggestion over its current iteration!
Best idea I heard from someone on the forum is force Genn and Baku in your starting hand like quests.
02/24/2019 09:38 AMPosted by fingrknitter
Best idea I heard from someone on the forum is force Genn and Baku in your starting hand like quests.

Well, you could mulligan quests. But I get your point and agree that this is among the very best of ideas.

Since you cant really touch the directly...indirect was always the way to go. Keep the effect and trigger unchanged. Just short their hand by 1 card by forcing them in it. I wonder how many other indirect knobs we could think of if we focused on it ml
Give them interesting changes. The hero powers are only available on odd or even based turns. Constantly activated and deactivated.

Gives time to respond.
Pretty sure the OP is one of Team 5 members using a fake account.
Just make them have to be auto included in your hand and mulligan. Have fun keeping a 9 mana card in your hand all game. If you choose to discard it from your mulligan your hero power won't trigger until its back in your hand. It creates a more strategic approach rather then spam hero power.

As soon as you play it your hero power is downgraded. Simple solution yet not too huge of a nerf.
02/23/2019 01:56 PMPosted by Cubit
02/23/2019 01:53 PMPosted by Siperos

No. Terrible ideas that wouldn't just make the cards "a little bit weaker" but straight out KILL the cards in question. You might as well HoF them early instead.

Well there's a key problem: Genn and Baku are running absolutely rampant in Wild right now, so Hall of Faming them just takes the problem and shoves it somewhere else. If you'll recall the rallying cry right before Patches got nerfed, "Wild is not your dumping ground."

You do realize that it's already in Wild right? smh
So what do you do for the people that not only crafted Baku but six or seven other cards to make a deck? are they just screwed? Seems like a lot of people would be mad...I personally don't care but I see some who would.
I like that idea for 3 cost hero power.

As others said - further ideas are way too much or even making the card near unplayable.

3 cost seems pretty fair and still better than non upgraded hero power.


Problem with upgraded hero power is the impact on the early game. By making it cost 3 actually makes it slower in the start while still maintaining its value in middle and late game.
What a troll post lol. You can't actually be serious about these suggestions, can you? Life tap dealing 4? Silver hand recruits having no attack? What a joke, lol.

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