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Does Hyena makes Midrange Hunters early game(before turn 5) aggro better than aggro decks?

Turn 1 Coin Hyena or Turn 2 Hyena is more annoying than Hench Clan Thug or Flappy Bird or turn 3 Mountain Giant.....

1.The Hyena gets Crackling Razormawed for 3 health.
2. Lynxs or Unleash the hounds will buff it if you play anything.
3. Turn 4 it will get Dire Frenzied +3/+3.
Well yea 4 cards that all work together is going to be better than one card by itself.
You haven't seen a proper aggro deck if you honestly think that.

Obviously 2-3 cards used together will be stronger than one card on its own.
I hate Hyena as much as anyone, but you are describing a god draw complete with perfect Adapt RNG. It is incredibly frustrating when it happens, but aggro is incredibly frustrating all the time
Its a pretty strong card yeah which you quickly want answers for before it snowballs out of control.

If a hunter plays the 1-1 lynxes on turn 1 you probably know a crackling razormaw or a hyena is coming down.

One of the reasons early board control cards are essential.
Every deck needs to have an answer for an early game snowballing menace. Only paladin really lacks it.

The best aggro deck I've actually played, zoo lock, could have a full board by turn 3 with a perfect draw, so what you're describing seems tame.
Isn't dire frenzy played best when it hits a Huffer or an unleashed Hound?
I think early minions that gain stats under conditions have always had the characteristic of having metas where they gain a lot of power.

The hyena resurgence is on the back of mainly springpaw but also master call that allows lowering the curve a lot in this meta(plus all the nerfs to hunter that made him go full minion ). It shares similar characteristics with how frothing berserker would pop up in metas like when pirate warrior was around and you had the potential of dropping it on board and taking several trades with a nzoth first mate that bought patches and a weapon in your hand the previous turn.

Hyena has been around from 2014 but only saw plays in specific metas. Those early minions that have snowballing potential, will always find metas where they become great threats even if they are not part of the meta for the majority of HS history.

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