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Tavern Brawl Discussion
This brawl is pretty boring. Lost 2 to RNG and just conceded to get my pack. I would have conceded all 3 games if I knew how boring it gets.
Turn 1, on the play, warlock vs warlock.

Soulfire opponent's totem for 4, killing it, discard silverware golem and RNG a 6/6 demon.

Fun? Sorta...

Rewarding? Nah.

Fun for opponent? Definitely not.

Quality game design? Absolutely not in a million years.

At least it was quick, I mean the immediate concede was clearly the right choice.

I get that it's a children's card game, but really, even for a brawl this is pretty bad. I like the idea, it's great that it's new and you're trying something different. But I just don't see how you guys can think that putting this little thought into a product that has treated you so well can be a good choice.
Yeah, todays quest is one as a Paladin. Thought I would try the Wild West Tavern brawl. That opening hand FTW.

Got Druid. I have played Druid so I know its either setup, buff up and stompy or play the summon the highest attack minion in your deck 12/12 stompy stompy.

Because they also have many rush minions - took out my totem so yeah, that 3 turns no totem is killer. Summoned 12/12 stompy stompy.

This tavern brawl os okay - 50/50 sometimes interesting - 50/50 el cheese O.

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